Friday, January 28, 2005

Sore losers or is it more serious?

It's been quite a week for democrats like Boxer, Kennedy and Ted Turner. Barbara Boxer continued her assault on Condoleezza Rice and got Ted Kennedy to slam her as well. Ted Turner's complaint included a comparison of Fox News to the Third Reich. These three simply cannot come to grips with the fact that Bush has been re-elected and they are out of control with bitterness.

Democrats were unable to defeat a very vulnerable President Bush because they nominated a ticket that was too far to the left. Slightly toward center and dems would have walked away with the White House and, most likely, house and senate seats too. Now the dems making headlines are more radical than ever and they're hurting their party.

Barbara Boxer didn't win over any red-staters by assailing Secretary of State, Condoleezz Rice. And neither did Kennedy by calling her a liar and going on to call our military "part of the problem" in Iraq. (It's still unclear how much Scotch was involved). What can you say about Ted Turner making comparisons of Fox News to Nazis as his own CNN has been losing market share to Fox by the bucketload?

The remarks from Boxer and, especially, Kennedy coming just a few days before the election in Iraq have caused much speculation about the timing. Speculation, hell. It has all been timed to undermine the election and give insurgents (AKA, terrorists) an advantage. Democrats want the Iraqi election to be unsuccessful. Screw world peace.


Sammy Bodean said...

Absolutely mind boggling! Let's accuse A US senator of intentionaly aiding terrorists(of course I don't see how pointing out well-known problems does that-prisoner abuses, murdering civilians, etc.) World peace? Did Boxer and Kennedy invade a nation without just cause?

thc said...

You're absolutely right, Sammy, mind-boggling. How could a US senator provide words of encouragement to homicidal terrorists?

Sammy Bodean said...

Straight out of the Cheney/Ashcroft school...criticize the administration and your aiding and abetting terrorists. That's how democracy works. Or do we not want the Iraqis to know about that for fear they will critcize us? I fail to see how anything that Kennedy said "encourages" terrorists. To equate Fox with Nazis is absurd, but I'm not much of a TT fan anyway. However, I would say most of Fox popularity is due to slicker production rather than anything else. The best anchor is on CNN. The #2 headliner on Fox is nothing but a shill for Bush. In the future, when you refer to Bush will you make reference to his drinking and alleged cocaine use?

thc said...

Sammy: It's been decades for Bush since he last drank. For Ted, that period is measured in minutes.

You can bet Al Jazeera has been broadcasting clips from Ted's speech non-stop because it gives terrorists a sense of accomplishment. Ted could have said it 2 weeks ago or next week, I don't care. But don't say it 3 days before the most critical time in Iraq's history. If not intentional it was at least incredibly stupid.

I'm glad you liked the Napa pix.

Sammy Bodean said...

I hate to nit-pick, but I will. I thought Kennedy went on the wagon a few years ago. As for W, he has been sober for less than 20 years, so decadeS would be inaccurate. His drinking continues to haunt him, however. AG Gonzales told an untruth to the Senate Judiciary Committee, according to a Texas judge and two attorneys. This is related to Bush's DUI conviction in 1976 and potential jury duty in 1996. Your contention that the Dems want the elections to fail is groundless and you certainly don't offer any evidence to support your claim.

Sammy Bodean said...

P.S.-I have read Ted's speech and some of what Fox has "reported" and it's quite interesting, but not surprising.