Monday, January 31, 2005

Democrats will say anything

Apparently democrats oppose anything President Bush favors regardless of their positions in the past.

Case in point: Today Nancy Pelosi accused Bush of a "false declaration of a crisis" with respect to Social Security. Earlier this month Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said "we have no crisis" and Teddy Kennedy exclaimed a crisis is "nonexistent".

But didn't all these democrats line up behind President Bill Clinton in 1998 when he said said Social Security was in trouble? In an address at Georgetown University, Bill referred to "the looming fiscal crisis in Social Security". "The fiscal crisis in Social Security affects every generation." Gore, Gephardt, Kennedy, Boxer, et al sang Clinton's mantra across the country, "Save Social Security first."

So, Social Security was in a state of "fiscal crisis" seven years ago but it's miraculously just fine today? Fascinating.

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