Sunday, January 23, 2005

Barbara Boxer and Willie Brown

Barbara Boxer, interviewed by former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown (now there's a pair), said that she questioned Condoleezza Rice the way she did because "it would have been condescending to Dr. Rice, a black woman, not to".

Huh? First of all, it was more grandstanding than questioning and what in the world does Dr. Rice's race have to do with anything?

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Anthony said...

Boxer had an opportunity to really give it to Rice, but she chose to go easy. Those dumb senators always do. They put niceties and etiquette before actually getting things done. Rice is a liar and should have to answer for her mistakes. But if no one holds the fire to her feet, as it were, then nothing will change. It is a shame that even senators like Boxer don't really make anything happen. But then again, that is a reason I didn't vote for her re-election.