Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hotel California

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This is probably not what the Eagles' song was about. It looks like a really nice hotel, and I'm sure it once was. But now it's in a really crappy part of Oakland and is inhabited by people who have never seen a blog.


Jimbobb2 said...

While living in Las Vegas a few years back we often made it to Los Angeles. We stayed at "The Hotel California", more like a motel, but this one was close to the Santa Monica pier. Sure enough, at about 3 AM a few college-age fellers who had been enjoying some adult beverages broke into a drunken rendition of the Eagles' song right outside our door. We about died laughing and have fond memories of that song and The Motel California.

thc said...

"You can check out but you can never leave"--I never really understood some of the lyrics, maybe I'm just not deep enough.

When I took this photo yesterday morning, I was truly cautious about getting out of the car. This part of West Oakland is really spooky, but it's between our house and the closest Home Depot.