Friday, January 07, 2005

Is your doghouse up to code?

Apparently the people of San Francisco are so stupid that they need the Board of Supervisors to tell them how to care for their pets.

This week, the supervisors gave preliminary approval to a new law requiring pet owners to provide up-to-code doghouses for dogs kept outside. The ordinance says doghouses must be clean, dry, raised off the ground and big enough for the dog to "lie in a comfortable position.''

The new law also demonstrates a tricky thing about new laws, because it states that a doghouse "shall have five sides, including a top, a bottom and three sides.'' But the priciest, toniest doghouse at Pet Food Express is a round plastic igloo, and round things do not have sides, even round things that cost $300.--SF Chronicle

There are already laws on the books regarding the humane treatment of animals and they should certainly be enforced, but what's next? Is the Board of Supervisors going mandate Science Diet for your canine?

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