Saturday, January 22, 2005

Election wrap-up

The 2004 election is nearly three months behind us and George W. Bush has been inaugurated for a second term. Republicans not only retain the White House for four more years, but also strengthend their ranks in Congress and state governorships.

The Democrat ticket faced an incredibly vulnerable incumbent. The war in Iraq was going poorly, the U.S. economy had been weak and Bush can't even pronounce "nuclear". But the party would field the most liberal ticket imaginable and one doomed not to get any crossover vote from registered Republicans. That's why this country seems so politically polarized. Kerry/Edwards vs. Buch/Cheney kept voters from crossing party lines. Had Democrats nominated a ticket with just a touch of conservative appeal, this election would have been different. A candidate like Joe Liebermann could have garnered some support from moderate conservatives and could have been inaugurated on Thursday. Democrats have no one but themselves and their party to blame.

Now, as Terry McAuliffe's days as party chairman are numbered, Dems have an opportunity for positive changes. One emerging prospect for party chairman is former Indiana congressman Tim Roemer. This guy's conservative enough he could be a Republican and he's exactly what Democrats need.


Sammy Bodean said...

The Dems tried Joe Lieberman once and failed, no wait they won! No, thc I'm not going there. Get real though! Joe, although very funny on the Daily Show Thurs. night, is barely to the left of Zell "pistols at dawn" Miller. Bush won primarily because of his appeal to the ordinary guy. His message was simple and clear. He was going to lower taxes and kill Arabs. Better yet, he was going to kill Arabs against the wishes of the French! Most Americans don't know the difference between liberal position and conservative on most issues. Much of the credit must go to Karl Rove, the evil genius that he is. Many months ago, I heard him say his strategy is to attack his opponents strength. This is exactly what he did with Kerry's war record. When attacked, Kerry did not react quickly or strongly. Although, clearly intelligent and a skilled Senator, Kerry does not appeal to the average guy. Every presidential election since 1980 has been won by the candidate with this appeal. RR had it. Bush the elder clearly did not, but more than his opponent in 1988. You know the rest.

thc said...

I hate to say it, but Liebermann is probably not electable as President because he is too Jewish and too unattractive. I do admire his political views and his ability to articulate them.

So, what are your thoughts on Roemer as party chairman or who would be your first choice?