Saturday, February 26, 2005

Spotlight on Wichita

The national media spotlight was on Wichita this morning for the press conference announcing the arrest of BTK, a serial killer allegedly responsible for the deaths of at least eight in the 70s and 80s.
BTK is arrested, said Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams this morning at a press conference at City Hall. Dennis Rader of Park City has been arrested for first-degree murder of the eight victims known to be tied to BTK, Wichita Police Lt. Ken Landwehr said.
Wichita Police officials, the Mayor, Attorney General Phill Kline, et al, should all be congratulated for this arrest. But the lengthy news conference this morning was a love-fest, officials slapping backs and congratulating one another before the national media. BTK resurfaced in the last year and mailed numerous letters, postcards, photographs and other evidence to Wichita newspapers and TV stations. Many speculated that he wanted to be caught.

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