Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Jesse Jackson peddling more snake oil

Democrats, intent on embarrassing President Bush, have turned up the attacks especially since the election last fall. They ramble on about the things that have gone wrong in Iraq, problems with the economy and silly reasons to leave Social Security just as it's been for seventy years. But wouldn't the most effective way to embarrass Bush be to offer up better ideas? You'd think. Instead, Democrats complain.

In Jesse Jackson's essay in yesterday's Chicago Sun-Times he complains about Bush for ten paragraphs and then concludes with this gem:
Rather than weaken the safety net that ensures all seniors dignity at the end of a long life of work, let's deal with the real hurdles that cause African Americans to die sooner, or suffer disabilities more. Reduce poverty, guarantee adequate health care, invest in decent schools and affordable housing, raise the minimum wage. Don't remove the floor under seniors while claiming to be helping African Americans.
There it is! "Raise the minimum wage." Geez. Is that the best they have to offer?

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