Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Catholic Blog Awards

A few short months ago I barely knew what a blog was. I guess I'd seen a few without really knowing what they were, but I wasn't officially introduced to the blogosphere until Julie D., an old college chum, let us know about her new creative outlet, The Happy Catholic.

Julie's blog is about her interests, about her faith and about everything dear to Julie. Her blog is incredible and the inspiration for The Happy Capitalist. Actually the name, The Happy Capitalist, was just a shameless take off of The Happy Catholic. Regardless of one's religous persuasion, The Happy Catholic is an interesting daily visit and I'm grateful that Julie sets such a high bar.

Voting for the 2005 Catholic Blog Awards is going on through Friday noon. Take a look at The Happy Catholic and, if so inclined, cast a ballot for Julie under "Best New Blog".

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