Friday, February 18, 2005

Moving to Canada, eh?

Jim, at The Shaggy Dog, has been trying to figure out how all those folks are doing who have bailed out on the US, you know, with W's re-election and all, and moved to the more liberal-friendly confines of Canada. Seems he has "Googled till [he's] dizzy" and hasn't found much info on their "outmigration". How the heck are those thousands (or millions) doing in their new digs? Is Canada everything they'd wished for? We'd sure like to know.

Vavoom, from Tedrowdrive offered up the name of a website he thought might have a status report for us, Moving to Canada, eh?. We checked it out and found that it hadn't been updated for nearly three weeks and the most recent visitor comment was left a week ago. Christopher Key, who seems to be a founder of the site, made his last post on December 12, 2004 when he wrote, "God and Canadian Immigration willing, I will make my next post from my adoptive country." Gosh Christopher, we hope you're ok. Or maybe you never left?

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