Sunday, February 20, 2005

The mainstream media's demise

Frank Ahrens of the Washington Post ponders the plight of American newspapers.
The venerable newspaper is in trouble. Under sustained assault from cable television, the Internet, all-news radio and lifestyles so cram-packed they leave little time for the daily paper, the industry is struggling to remake itself.
Hugh Hewitt, in Blog, has this explanation for the demise of the mainstream media:
It is over. They are slow. They are perceived as way-left. And they have been caught cheating in the production of their product.
The cheating of course refers to Rathergate and the Jayson Blair embarrassement. Also, way back in 2003, Eason Jordan admitted that CNN had intentionally downplayed the atrocities in Iraq under Hussein for a dozen years because accurate reporting might have endangered journalists there. Meanwhile, CNN can't seem to figure out why their ratings keep falling.

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