Saturday, February 12, 2005

Dean takes a victory lap

It's official, Howard Dean is the new Chairman of the DNC. From the Washington Post:
In brief appearances before party caucuses, Dean said Democrats should have the moral high ground in the debates over values, but said Republicans have been more successful at delivering a consistent message. He said he hoped to use his chairmanship to help brand the Democrats more successfully.

"People know, or think they know, what the Republicans stand for," he told the DNC women's caucus. "I don't think they really stand for anything they say. But they have a message, right, and it's the same message every day and every year. . . . We know what we are. The trouble is, we haven't been so great at communicating exactly what we are."
Howard Dean gets it. He's wrong about republicans but he does understand what is wrong with his own party.

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