Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Smaller Smokes

First cigarette smoking was banned in office buildings and airplanes, then restaurants started segregating smokers before banishing them altogether. The no smoking cheer infiltrated even outdoor sports venues and now, the city of San Francisco has prohibited smoking in city parks. Smokers have been left with very few and very short opportunities to blaze up. Philip Morris has the answer.

Philip Morris, the giant tobacco division of Altria, has launched new shorter cigarettes. That's right, the new "Seventy-twos" are just right for that short walk from the car to the front door. Or, when it's just too hot or too cold to stand outside your office to smoke an old-fashioned 100, the new Seventy-twos fit the bill. When friends are waiting but you must have a smoke, they won't need to wait long if you're smoking the new Seventy-twos.

Now, don't misunderstand, no one is advocating smoking. Cigarettes have no redeeming value whatever. But you must admire the creativity and the innovation of American marketers. These new smokes are an example of marketing genius and capitalism at work.

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