Friday, July 08, 2005

Daily Kos v. A Certain Slant of Light

Yesterday, my friend Bernard at A Certain Slant of Light wrote this post about his feelings toward Al Qaeda and what he felt should be done in the aftermath of the London bombings.

Dunciad, at the Daily Kos, took issue.

Now, I'd love to beat the crap out of Dunciad's logic, or lack thereof, but that would be too easy. What I really find fascinating is something about Daily Kos's readership.

Daily Kos has an average readership of about 500,000 per day (I cannot imagine why). So when Dunciad linked to A Certain Slant of Light in his rant against Bernard, whose daily readership is quite respectable but under one hundred, you would expect Bernard's daily hit count to absolutely skyrocket. It did not, not even a blip.

Hardly any of Daily Kos's half million readers bothered to click on the link and read Bernard's post in its entirety. No, don't bother going to the source, don't dare read something that you might find disagreeable. Heavens no! Whatever you do, don't think outside your comfort zone. What does that say about Kos's readers?

It's sad and I hope it's not representative of the entire left.

Dunciad wraps up by referring to readers as "kids" and asks "hands up who knows...". A teacher/student kind of thing. He/she obviously has a low opinion of his/her readers and they have a low opinion of themselves.

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