Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Everyday, on my walk from the parking garage to my office building, I pass a long line of parked cars and I've always been surprised by the number of them that have handicapped placards hanging from the rear-view mirrors. There aren't any hospitals or medical buildings in the area and I don't ever recall seeing folks with visible disabilities getting into or out of these cars. But you see, you don't have to feed two bucks an hour into the meter if you're handicapped, or at least have the placard.

This morning I noticed a woman hopping out of a new Chevy Trailblazer and trotting up the steps to an office building without ponying up any dough for the meter. Then I noticed the placard. Hmmm.

I decided to count. I walked past fifteen parked cars, seven had handicapped placards.

So what's the deal? Are doctors selling these things? Are people so cheap and/or inconsiderate that they resort to such a tacky and offensive behavior? Is there anything more tasteless than feigning a disability for free parking?

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