Thursday, July 28, 2005

Pen and paper

More than twenty years ago, early in my first career in outside sales, a client handed me a thin brochure from Daytimer and said, "You should get one of these." It was my first exposure to a "time management system" and that pocket Daytimer was a constant companion for years.

In the 90s, when my career evolved into an office environment, I was introduced to the world of Franklin Planners. My big leather Franklin looked great on my desk and it was ten times the size of the old Daytimer. All of those different columns and boxes to write stuff in...very exciting.

The late 90s brought Palm Pilots, technology meets the to-do list. When my first one was new it was so exciting to show it off and demonstrate how quickly I could write in it. Such power in a tiny package.

But I missed writing things by hand in different colors and highlighting the important stuff. I missed drawing circles and arrows and flipping the pages. I missed seeing a whole month in writing with just a glance. So last week I ordered a new pocket Daytimer, I've come full-circle. I've tried the latest and greatest time management systems and the newest technologies and now I'm back to a pen and ink calendar that fits in my pocket. What could be more simple?

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