Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hypocrisy defined

The Bay Area is Talking (dot com), a blog run by Kron4 TV has received some really interesting comments/threats from the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center, which describes itself as a non-commercial, non-corporate anti-capitalist collective, concerning the use of some photos taken by citizen journalists.

Apparently, The Bay Area is Talking, snagged a few photos from Indy Media's website of Friday night's demonstration against capitalism and the G8 conference and defended its action citing "fair use". A representative of Indy Media screamed copyright infringement and threatened to file suit.

Imagine, anarchists threatening to sue over copyrights. Imagine, anti-capitalists with picture-phones and digital video equipment. The hypocrisy just kind of boggles the mind.

(The photo is a still taken from video shot by Josh Wolf).

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