Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Head cold at 40,000 feet

We traveled to the Midwest to visit family for a long weekend and I arrived back home yesterday with a miserable cold. I didn't even feel like turning on the computer last night and now it's been days since I've posted anything.

You just haven't lived until you've flown four hours with a head full of crap. The pressure changes on take-offs and landings give you that sinus squeeze where you can't be sure if your head is going to burst or implode. It just hurts. And trying to pee in those claustrophobic lavatories while your head is throbbing and your balance is off is an adventure in itself.

Anyway, I'm staying home today to consume massive quanities of fluids and pop Sudafed and aspirin. Maybe I'll get a little blogging in between naps.

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