Monday, May 23, 2005

Blogging Islam

The very thought that Americans might be desecrating the Koran created riots and murder while a report last week from Al-Qaida that killing innocent women and children was acceptable in the name of jihad, barely drew notice. It's no wonder confusion abounds. Does Islam really promote violence and hatred or is it just radical groups of Islamic extremists that cause comparisons to Nazism?

Three of my favorite bloggers have been engaged for the last couple of days in a debate over Islam and the ignorance many Americans have about the faith.

The discussion at Bloggledygook started with Taking Islam Seriously and has now migrated to a new post today, Seriously Responding to the Respondents.

Jim, at The Shaggy Dog, expresses his frustration in this post.

Finally, my good friend Vavoom at Tedrow Drive, describes what it is like to be an American Muslim and to feel the hatred and prejudice first hand in this post.

Read all of these posts and the accompanying comments and you are sure to come away with a broader knowledge of the problem and a better understanding of the spectrum of emotions people have. Regardless of your own feelings, I believe this is the most powerful example I've seen of the thoughtful expression and debate blogging can foster.

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