Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Several days ago, when I started this blog, I figured I'd be posting a bunch of stuff about politically charged current affairs and my political views. But, in my blogging around, I have discovered there is a ton of it already out there. Most of it is pretty vitriolic. And the most hateful stuff seems to be penned by 24 year-old intellectual wannabes who haven't been paying taxes long enough to know a capital gain from a cap in the ass. So, I think I'll lay off for awhile and write about other things.

For those who are all bent out of shape over the election and have spent the last month spewing venom all over various blogs--relax. William Jefferson Clinton didn't destroy the world in eight years and neither will George W. Bush. It might just turn out OK.

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Sammy Bodean said...

No, Bush will only destroy a small part of it.