Monday, December 20, 2004


The Secretary of Defense clearly has his hands full trying to bring some kind of conclusion to the war in Iraq. For him to take the time to personally sign letters to the loved ones of soldiers who have perished would certainly be a nice touch. But if using a little technology to improvise those signatures can free up a few hours for Don to find a speedier resolution for the war, what's wrong with that?


Julie D. said...

Admittedly I do not keep up with the news very well (as Tom will readily tell you). Were people really bent out of shape because Rumsfeld didn't sign letters by hand? What a bunch of idiots!

thc said...

It's hard to know whether the parents were really upset or if the media was making an issue of it. You know how those journalists are.

Sammy Bodean said...

If Rumsfeld has to spend that much time and energy signing letters to grieving families, the situation in Iraq is much worse than the liberal media is letting on. Maybe some consideration on how to end the war in Iraq could have been made before we started the war. Also, I have found that calling people "a bunch of idiots" is always an effective argument.