Wednesday, December 08, 2004

That damn light

This morning in bed we were listening to the wind and the rain and a talk radio discussion about commuters. It seems that the fastest-growing group are called super-commuters. Over 3 million strong in the U.S., these folks commute 90 minutes or more each way. The radio show took calls from a dozen or so listeners who travelled 4, 5, even 6 hours a day between home and their jobs. Most of them said they do it because the only way they could afford to buy a home was if it was way out in the hinterlands. For some it's a temporary thing. For others, it's worth the sacrifice to be living in a bigger, nicer home than they could ever afford closer to San Francisco.

We are lucky to be living in a nice home in the hills above Berkeley and Oakland and it's only ten minutes from work. But the best thing is the kick-ass view of San Francisco and the Bay. We have outstanding views of the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges. We can see Oakland, Berkeley and Mount Tam. It's incredible. It would be perfect if that strobe light on Alcatraz wasn't so distracting! Hmmm, do you think I'm a little spoiled?


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are spoiled. But if I were in the same position I would probably complain too. Like Joe Walsh in his song "Life's Been To Me (so far)" he says "I can't complain but sometimes I still do"

I always thought it might be better to live on the Oakland side of the bay. That way you are looking back at SF instead of looking out at Oakland.

Tom D.

thc said...

Good point, Tom.

Julie D. said...

I've just gotta get myself out there so I can enjoy that darn strobe light too ... if only we had reconnected before Tom took Hannah to San Francisco for her 16th birthday father-daughter trip (her choice of locale). They'd have loved getting to see you.

thc said...

Julie: We're both so glad that you tracked us down. It's been really great to reconnect with you, Tom and the girls. Please come visit us soon!