Friday, December 03, 2004


This blog was inspired by my college friend Julie's blog called "The Happy Catholic". Until I started reading Julie's posts I really had no exposure to blogs at all. THC is filled with the things that Julie feels passionate about, especially Catholicism, but also contains musings and observations of all sorts that are interesting to Julie. Her blog generates great discussions of all kinds and it's just an interesting place to visit.

While blogging is entirely new to me, my hope is that I can create a place that will inspire some interesting discussions around politics, government and economics. The Happy Capitalist could be a forum that is informative, intertaining and thought-provoking. But even if no one ever visits The Happy Capitalist or posts a comment, while disappointing, I guess that's OK. This blog will help me to think through some beliefs and help exercise my brain. It will make me re-learn some writing skills and be intertaining for me.

I'm very intrigued by this new phenom of blogging. We'll see how this goes.


Julie D. said...

Hey HC! Glad that Mary told me you've got a blog. So now I can keep up with all the things that YOU'RE passionate about. I agree with what you say in the post about all the vitriol around there so can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Oh, and you're goin' on my blogroll for sure! :-)

thc said...

It really is quite an honor to be on your blogroll!