Monday, December 06, 2004


As long as I live in California, I refuse to become a weather-wimp.

On my walk late this afternoon from my office building to my parking garage, I noticed all of the people bundled up. I mean they were wearing stocking caps, scarves, gloves, the works. They had their hands shoved into their pockets and shoulders hunched for warmth. It was a gray and blustery day. It really looked like winter. I guess it was chilly, but was it really cold?

I pulled the car out of the garage and looked at the thermometer on the dash. It read 55 degrees. Surely, as soon as the car was out in the open, the gauge would drop. It didn't. It really was 55. How can people think it's so cold when it isn't? Californians are funny.

My greatest fear is that too much time in California will make me a weather wimp like them. I refuse to succumb!


Julie D. said...

You've only had 5 years there. I've been in Texas for over 20 and finally have given in ... I just don't care if it gets colder in other places. I have to live in the most unbelievably hot, looooong summers so I might as well get a relatively mild winter out of it. Sadly, I have been conditioned and STILL wear a coat!

thc said...

While the rest of 'em are wearing their winter coats, I still have my shorts and t-shirts!