Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dean on defense

Monday Howard Dean criticized the Republican Party for being a "pretty much a white, Christian party" and I commented on it yesterday. Today, on NBC's "Today Show" he tries to explain himself.
Dean noted that he, too, is a white Christian. But he said the GOP is too narrow in its scope and the Democratic Party is far more diverse.
Fine. The Democrat party might very well be more diverse ethnically than the Republican party. But I raised the question yesterday of how diverse/tolerant are they of other ideologies. Not very, it would seem if the party Chairman resorts to name-calling anyone with whom he disagrees.
While even prominent Democrats in recent days have distanced themselves from some of his comments, the outspoken Dean, appearing on NBC"s "Today" show, said criticism of him is meant by Republicans to divert attention from the country's problems and make him the issue instead.
Issue? Dean is not an issue. He's just entertainment.

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