Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Self apology

I didn't see the Jayhawks' exhibition of lousy sportsmanship after their stunning loss to 14th seeded Bucknell last Friday. I couldn't stand to watch much of the second half at all. But the Jayhawks, it seems, were a bunch of pretty sore losers.
Only a handful of Kansas players stayed around for the traditional handshake last week when the Bison shocked the No. 3 seed Jayhawks 64-63. It was Kansas' first opening-round loss since 1978.

Self (the Jayhawks head coach) said one problem was that Bucknell's players did not all line up to shake hands after Wayne Simien's desperation jumper at the buzzer came up short. Instead, many of them ran onto the floor in celebration.
When Self called Bucknell coach Pat Flannery to apologize, Flannery said:
"Don't sweat it, we were running around like we won a championship and I can understand guys not waiting while we were celebrating"
For the Jayhawks, the new season starts now and it starts by bidding farewell to the seniors who just couldn't let go of Roy Williams. They didn't play up to their potential and they let a lot of faithful fans down as well as their teammates. Goodbye and good luck. The Self era has begun.

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