Sunday, March 27, 2005


Thomas L. Friedman at the NY Times believes President Bush is missing an opportunity to implement a "geo-green strategy" to avert an energy crisis. In today's editorial he says we need only do three things:
We need a gasoline tax that would keep pump prices fixed at $4 a gallon, even if crude oil prices go down.
We need to start building nuclear power plants again.
And we need some kind of carbon tax that would move more industries from coal to wind, hydro and solar power, or other, cleaner fuels.
Friedman explains that higher taxes will decrease consumption and raise revenue on gasoline and coal. He also argues that higher gas prices would change America's car-buying habits to more fuel-efficient vehicles.

First of all, excise taxes are not effective at reducing consumption, just look at alcohol and cigarettes. Secondly, it's difficult to reduce consumption and increase tax revenue on a commodity simultaneously. Thirdly, do liberals have any answers that don't include new taxes?

I don't have a problem with building new nuclear power plants, but I don't look forward to Bay Area liberals chaining themselves together and blocking traffic to protest them.

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