Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Carryon dos and don'ts for the holidays

Well, the Thanksgiving holiday begins and about a 20 million Americans will be traveling by air this long weekend. Yes, the rules about carryon luggage have been challenging to keep up with as pesky terrorists get more creative with ways to blow up airplanes. So to help ease the confusion, the Tranportation Safety Administration has posted a list of items that passengers can carry onto airplanes and those items that need to be checked or left at home.

A quick look at the list reveals a few not-so-obvious items that you cannot carry onto a plane:

Ice axes/ice picks
Meat cleavers
Bows and arrows
Spear guns
Cattle prods
Billy clubs
Brass Knuckles
Stun guns
Throwing stars

OK, so I guess it makes sense that these items can't be carried onboard, I just never thought about taking my cattle prod to Thanksgiving dinner.

If you're traveling by air this holiday season, you might want to check out TSA's list!

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