Sunday, October 23, 2005

The second hundred years

Scientists are thawing the remarkably well-preserved body of a WW II airman that has been encased in glacial ice ever since his plane crashed, probably in the 1940s.
FRESNO, Calif. - As the frozen body believed to be a World War II airman slowly thaws after decades encased in a glacier, forensic experts say a picture is emerging of a fair-haired man in an Army uniform who suffered broken bones when his aircraft crashed in the wilderness.
I'm really showing my age, but this reminds me so much of the 1967 sitcom,The Second Hundred Years.
While prospecting for gold in Alaska in 1900, Luke Carpenter, thirty-three years of age, was buried and frozen alive when caught in an avalanche. Sixty-seven years later, Luke's Son, Edwin Carpenter, sixty-seven years of age, widower and retired businessman, is informed of a recent avalanche in Alaska and of a find--his father, alive. Luke was brought to the home of his now aging son in Woodland Oaks, California. Chronologically Luke was 101, but he hadn't aged while in deep freeze and was physically still 33--younger than his own son.
Why do I devote valuable brain space to remembering stuff about a 38 year-old TV show?

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