Saturday, January 06, 2007

The week in review

  • DJIA sank 65.14 points this week (-82.68 on Friday), 0.52% to 12,398.01.
  • Nasdaq Composite was a different story, up 18.96, 0.78% and closed Friday at 2434.25.
  • Crude oil dropped a whopping $4.74, 7.76% to $56.31.
The first week of the new year got off to a pretty rocky start as the broad market lost ground after a robust jobs report on Friday.

This is the part of economics that really has casual stock market observers scratching their heads--167,000 new jobs were created in December and that caused the Dow to drop 83 points? Huh? Why is such great news bad for stocks?

Remember the old rhyme, when rates are low, stocks will grow? Well, job creation that is too rapid is indicative of an economy that is growing too fast and that inflationary risks are present. To curb those risks the Fed raises interest rates. When rates are high, stocks will die.

At least the market has found something to obsess about besides oil.

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