Saturday, October 07, 2006

The week in review

  • DJIA rose a health 171.14 points, 1.47% and closed Friday at 11,850.21. New records.
  • Nasdaq Composite gained 41.56 points, 1.84% and finished off the week at 2299.99.
  • S & P 500 was up 13.73 for the week, a 1.03% gain, and closed at 1349.58 Friday.
  • Crude oil fell $3.15, 5.01% to $59.76.
The rise in oil prices a week ago was no more pause as oil prices continue to fall. Where are the guys now who were calling for $100/bbl just a couple of months ago? OPEC's economies are weak making the threat of reduced output unlikely and prices should continue to decline. Two bucks for gas again?

The September jobs report was weak on the surface as new job creation was half the forecast. But the report also contained healthy upward revisions for the previous two months. The bond market paid more attention to the revisions and prices fell on Friday. It took the steam out of a nice rally in stocks as well.

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