Saturday, August 19, 2006

The week in review

  • DJIA added 293.44 this week, 2.65% and closed Friday at 11,381.47.
  • S and P 500 was up 35.56, 2.81% and wrapped up the week at 1302.30
  • Crude oil fell $3.21, 4.32% and stood Friday at $71.14/barrel.
Wow! Stocks and bonds all up nicely this week and oil dropping to a level we have not seen for awhile. Does it get any better?

Thursday President Bush signed into law a long-awaited pension reform bill that impacts mostly defined-benefit plans, but also adds some interesting twists for IRAs and 401(k) plans. It's great blogging material if I only had the time...

Of course the really big news this week was the (bogus) confession made by John Mark Karr to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. The news media was sure quick to give him his 15 minutes.

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