Friday, November 25, 2005

Built to last

Less than a year out of college and living in my first real apartment, one of my first "major purchases" was a Weber Kettle for around 50 bucks. I was sleeping on a bed that I bought used in college for $25, I didn't own a sofa and my TV was a 12-inch black and white, but I had to have a grill.

Pictured above is yesterday's Thanksgiving turkey on the very same grill I bought in the spring of 1981. It has spent its entire lifetime outdoors, uncovered. It's been used at least weekly, rain or shine or bitterly cold. Yes, I've been known to shovel a path out to it to roast a turkey or tri-tip or just plain ol' burgers.

Yesterday Mrs. THC suggested that someday it might have to be replaced. I don't know...I think it might have another 25 years left in it.

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