Sunday, April 10, 2005

The fifty-dollar fill-up

I pulled away from the gas station Friday afternoon and thought about all of the other stuff that I might have done with forty-eight bucks and change. I wasn't as outraged as I thought I would be after spending $2.80 per gallon...why was that?

The news media have become unwitting accomplices with the oil companies. Exxon and Shell tell the newspapers that we should expect three dollars per gallon, they print the stories and break the news to us ahead of time. So, when we pull up to the pump for that fifty-dollar fill-up, we're not upset, we were expecting it. The media look like champs for having foretold our future and the oil companies are spared the wrath of the driving public.

The problem with this is, without the outrage, we continue to buy the big V-8s. Without the outrage, we drive as much as we ever did. Without the outrage, it just gets easier for the oil companies to keep raising prices. It's supply and demand. Where does it end?

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